Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is now a hot talk because the player seems eager to go to Real Madrid, said ibcbet. The player who played in the Gabon national team has long been interested in joining Real Madrid. When in Borrusia Dortmund uniform, he often said that he really wanted to play with Real Madrid. Aubameyang promised his grandfather to play for Real Madrid someday. At the age of 30, he felt the opportunity to join Real Madrid was running low and even thinner, said ibcbet. This is because Real Madrid has a very large stock of star players making it very difficult to compete at Real Madrid. In this season he feels so eager to play Real Madrid, why does he want to play at Real Madrid so much? and what made him want to go to Real Madrid so much?

Interaction with Ceballos ibcbet

Dani Ceballos is a loan player from Real Madrid who is now officially an Arsenal player. The performance of this player has no doubt how to play, the former Real Madrid player has impressive statistics. This is the reason why Aubameyang wants Real Madrid. It is known that Aubameyang is now closer to Ceballos and often tells stories about Real Madrid. Seeing the performance of the increasingly sharp Aubameyang makes Ceballos enthusiastic about Aubameyang. From there also Aubameyang began intending to go to Real Madrid, said ibcbet.

Arsenal only play in the Uefa European League

In the last two seasons, Arsenal has always played in the Europa League which is the second caste competition in Europe. This also made Aubameyang feel he was not satisfied with this achievement and he wanted more than that. Aubameyang has been included in the ranks of the best strikers in the world and of course he wants to get a better place. The 30-year-old is slowly getting serious about becoming a highly referenced player for Real Madrid, with his excellent achievements as EPL’s top scorer last season making him a calculated striker. His playing style that is very fast also becomes his strength to score goals against the enemy. Of course the way to play it began to be glimpsed by the big teams, said ibcbet.

Aubameyang thirsty for gold and thirst for prestigious trophies

Arsenal still has the title fasting team up to now because until now Arsenal still has difficulty competing with the big teams in the English league. That is what has caused Arsenal until now it is still difficult to get a trophy. Even in the European Cup they had to surrender from Chelsea, of course it added to the deep disappointment for Aubameyang because Aubameyang could not give the best to his team. Arsenal became a team that began unable to get a place in the hunt for positions 1-4 standings, said ibcbet. Therefore, they must be willing to be below rank 4 and must play in the Europa League. Arsenal themselves are still tidying up in matters of fighting over titles and of course from now on they must fight as much as possible to get the best in matters of fighting over titles in Europe. Plus, the current Arsenal coach Unai Emery has begun to formulate a new strategy for Arsenal to get back on track. Arsenal also already have a sharp trio on the front lines like Lacazette, Aubameyang and Nicholas Pepe. The game style now has changed compared to the style of play in the previous era. And now all Arsenal have to do is keep Aubameyang in order for him to stay at Arsenal and not go to Real Madrid, said ibcbet.

Incessant Real Madrid to regain its glory

After Ronaldo moved to Juventus, Real Madrid’s performance continued to decline and caused Real Madrid’s management to start hunting for new players to strengthen his squad. One target is Aubameyang, aubameyang who himself feels to be a pillar worthy of being at Real Madrid. Arsenal himself did not want his sharp striker to move because his way of playing was in accordance with the characteristics of Arsenal and Arsenal still really needed it. Real Madrid also wants to continue the hunt for Aubameyang. Aubameyang himself really wanted to be at Real Madrid but it was very difficult for the competition to be in the Real Madrid starting line-up, said ibcbet. Therefore, Aubameyang had to think twice about joining Real Madrid. Although many rumors say Aubameyang will leave, it looks like Aubameyang still wants to be at Arsenal because Arsenal really respects his playing style and also Arsenal promised Aubameyang to give the title this season and make Arsenal the strongest team in England and Europe. With this optimism, Aubameyang certainly began to think hard to survive or leave. Because if Aubameyang leaves he won’t get respect for his playing style and it could also be that he just warms up on the bench. Arsenal must work hard to keep Aubameyang forever, said ibcbet.

Those are some of the rumors and reasons why Aubameyang wants to go to Real Madrid and it is very interesting whether he will survive or if he seriously wants to leave. With his departure Aubameyang certainly his arsenal will be difficult to get players like Aubameyang. Real Madrid also does not really take into account whether he will succeed with the presence of Aubameyang because the position at Real Madrid aubameyang who must work hard to get it if at Arsenal he is sure to get a place to play full. Aubameyang is now a classy and very prestigious player if he doesn’t play, because he has to playfully for his own good name. His playing style must be further developed so that he can be at the top of his best career in football. It is worth waiting for how the next news. the hope of arsenal is that he must survive and not know his own aubameyang. Aubameyang certainly respects arsenal and of course he is eager to be in the place he should be, hopefully he will survive and Arsenal must fight hard to maintain this superstar, plus Arsenal fans still want Aubameyang to be in the arsenal forever, said ibcbet.